Vision of the Department

The vision of the Electrical Engineering Department is to produce globally competitive and socially active engineering graduates suitable for profession, higher studies and research on the frontier areas of Electrical and allied fields so as to help the society to achieve self-sufficiency.

Mission of the Department

M1. To produce quality engineers capable of successful entrepreneur, scientists, managers to meet the global manpower demands.

M2. To develop and disseminate technology to meet energy requirements for society.

M3. To develop the infrastructure for research and innovation works on the field of renewable energy for the sustainable development of the nation.

 Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) 

The Graduate engineers will be able to:

PEO1. To inculcate Graduates with solid foundation in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals for successful technical/professional career which they may pursue.

PEO2. To comprehend, analyse, design and develop innovative systems with constantly evolving technology using lifelong learning needs.

PEO3. To develop team work, communication skills, ethics and leadership quality to build a successful professional career in R&D and Industry.

Contact Address

Dr. Kabir Chakraborty

Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsingarh

Tripura (West)-799009

Mob: 91-005122392