AICTE-IDEA Lab at Tripura Institute of Technology

Narsingarh, Agartala, Tripura Campus

[1]. Location and Area where the 24×7 IDEA Lab is Established

 Location of AICTE IDEA Lab at Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsingarh, PO: Agartala Aerodrome,Narsingarh, Tripura (West)-799009,Latitude: 23.90640, Longitude: 91.24804

  1. b) Area: 6700 Sqft (approx.)

c) Layout (Tentative)

d) Photograph of the Location

[2]. Committee Members

Chief Mentor

Prof. Sekhar Datta
Principal, TIT

Faculty Coordinator

Prof. (Dr.) Gitanjali Saha
EE Dept., TIT

Faculty Co-coordinator

Sri Gautam Pal
Associate Professor, CSE Dept.

Lab/Tech Gurus

i) Sri Rajib Biswas, Associate Professor, ECE Dept.
ii) Sri Jeetu Debbarma, AssociateProfessor, ECE Dept.
iii) Sri Bijoy Kumar Deb, Assistant Professor, ME Dept.
iv) Sri Sukanta Das, Associate Professor, ME Dept.

[3]. Activities/ events/ outreach activities to be carried out

Sl. No.

Event & Duration

Target & Batch size

Objective & Justification

Frequency/ Numbes



(06 Days)

Faculty (20)

Faculty needs to be trained on equipment, to be able to guide students and conduct events- including those from other institutions

Twice in a year


Skilling Programs (06 Days)


 (20- 30)

Training in areas like electrical and electronics fabrication, embedded systems design. Embedded programming, 3D printing, robotics, welding, JOT, Machine earning, Al, Bio­engineering, biomedical etc

One per



Boot camps

(1 week)

Faculty (5-10)

Training of faculty (including those from other institutions, spread over few weeks, continuing at work places, if required

Once in a



Ideation workshops

(03-05 Days)


 (30- 40)

To generate ideas on which students can work in the IDEA Lab, including field visits

Once in Three months



Workshop s for Industries

(02 Days)

Industry participants (5-10)

Publicizing IDEA Lab among industries, to encourage them to use the facilities

Once in

three months




 (15- 20)

For hands-on training as part of their course work during summer and winter vacations. Internships based on industry problems should be preferred.

As per



Profession al Skilling Programs

(6 Days)

ITI students of class 10/12 pass students (5-10)

Welding, 3D printing, mechanical fabrication. etc

Once in a semester


School Teachers Awareness

Program (06 Days)

Teachers     of nearby


Demonstration and providing hands-onexperience of facilities

Twice a

year (during school vacations)



by School students


identified     by

schools   (10-15)

Opportunity for school students to do projects

Once a year (as per convenience)


Open Day for school students (one day)


(class IX-X-XI- XII nominated by schools (25- 30)

Exposure to facilities in IDEA

Lab to ignite their minds (on Science  Day/TechnologyDay/Teachers Day/

Engineers Day)

Once a year (as per convenience)


Participation in
annual technical exhibition s(TITTech K22 Signature event of JISCE IDEA Lab)

Nationwide IDEA labs

Technical exhibitions  etc

For example, Tech FEST, Mind SPARK etc. organized by      renowned Institutions/ Industries etc to             showcase activities/products/prototypes developed in IDEA labs

Once in a year



Nationwide IDEA labs

To disseminate information to all the labs about activities of other labs, technology issues, any interesting development etc.

Monthly/ Bi-monthly



All stakeholders

For web-presence of IDEA Lab, and showcasing itself before the stakeholders and other IDEA Labs

Weekly/Bi-weekly updation


Annual conference/symposium of all IDEA labs

All IDEA Labs, DIY  labs or similar    labs across      the nation /outside the nation also

To promote active interaction, showcase of lab activities, promote collaboration at national and international level labs

Once in a year

[4]. Strategy to use IDEA Lab to promote multi-disciplinary education & research

Our Institute is having its inherent multidisciplinary nature through its diverse streams and concurrent laboratory facilities and we strongly believe inception of the IDEA Lab would be an added feather to this endeavour through its wide spread 24×7 facilities bridging the gap between conceptualization and product development in actual.
  As impacted by the advent of Industry 4.0 and its influences on Education 4.0; along with directions NEP 2020; we have noticed that in many cases, learning level of students are restricted within curricular guidelines and they are not getting ready for the larger society. AICTE Idea lab would be a timely solution to this problem. The Idea lab facilities once developed would be integrated into our Curriculum and emphasis would be given on experiential learning, learning by doing. Apart from ‘Gurus’ all teachers in general would be exposed to the theme of Idea Lab training would be given exposure so that instead of one way lecturing they can make their classes vibrant by showcasing live projects, already developed by them only.
 We also plan to extend Idea lab resources both in physical as well as virtual modes through the help of on-premises infrastructure and emerging Cloud and Data Center Technologies.
 In the curriculum we already have project classes (research/participation/presentation/start-up/incubation). After the inception of the IDEA Lab; part of these activities to be carried out in the IDEA Lab.
 The IDEA Lab, when setup would add under Mandatory Induction Program for all students. The lab would also facilitate the same for nearby Institutes, Alumni, Villagers and other stakeholders.
 The IDEA Lab would be a perfect platform of experiential learning of students of all disciplines and to be used for up skilling for students with a focus on development of multidisciplinary project group formation and prototype development; following the requirements of NEP2020.
 The Lab would be open for the larger society also, opening the window of outreach initiatives by Institute for vocational training of local people, short term courses by various departments.
 The lab would be used for Industrial internship of the beginners (after 1st and 2ndyear) with a focus on development of interdisciplinary projects.
 School students would be invited/trained for hands on experiences, learning by doing.

[5]. Engagement with industries, aimed at generation of revenue to maintain and sustain the Lab beyond the project duration.

Our confidence is our self-sufficient innovation ecosystem equipped with a robust set of Alumni bases, Industry Institute Interaction Cell, young researchers, erudite faculties, out-of-the-box ongoing Startups, active Institutional Innovation Cell, and MoU with Industries for collaborations. With such an ecosystem we could be able to sustain the AICTE-IDEA Lab for the future and upgrade to the next level. It is noteworthy that our campus is situated at Narsingarh, Agartala Airdrome, Tripura -a developing area in Tripura; where various small and medium -sized enterprises are now coming operating effectively; due to availability of land and green environment. Hence, we plan to integrate them with the AICTE-IDEA Lab by providing a solution to live Industrial problems, attaining consultancy grants, and establishing a profound Industry-Academia relationship.

Moreover, we have considered some additional factors below to generate a certain amount of funds for maintaining the AICTE-IDEA Lab ecosystem for the next five years: (i) Supports other candidate AICTE-IDEA labs, (ii) Organizing different event and training programs, (iii) Donation from the existing and non-existing stakeholders and research faculties, and (vi) Posting different academic advertisements of our hosted AICTE-IDEA Lab webpage