Academic Committees

Sl. NoCommittee NameMembersResposibilities
01Academic Committee- TEQIP IIIa) Sri Raja Chakraborti-Member
b) Dr. Bijoy Kr. Upadhyaya – Nodal officer
c) Sri Bidyut Bhattacharjee- Member
d) Dr. Kaberi Majumder-Member
e) Sri Sukanta Das-Member
f) Sri Sanjoy Mitra-Member
g) Sri Bibhash Roy-Member
h) Dr. Shimal Das-Member
i) Sri Gautam Pal- Member
a) To know the difficulties of the department from the HoD regarding requirement of faculty & staff, faculties for Laboratory, inter departmental class loads and other issues. All the points are to be recorded, acknowledged and submitted to teachers’ council with proposal for solution. As per recommendation of council and order of the Authority, this committee will try to execute /implement the decisions.
b) To keep record of non-conducting/non- attending classes by faculty members & staff and place it to the Authority for further action.
c) To prepare/revise Academic Calendar time to time in consultation with Authority.
d) To take initiative for midterm/end term examination to be conducted smoothly & properly in time by the Examination Section.
e) To take initiative for Final Examination (TU) along with University Form fill-up by Examination Section.
f) To take initiatives for early publication of results.
g) To take initiatives for engagement of visiting faculty and also filling up of vacant position of visiting teachers.
h) HODs of respective Department would co- ordinate with Academic committee on specific proposals based on curricula for undergoing vocational training.
i) Other Academic issues as and when appear.
j) To take initiative to prepare lists for consumable items to be procured for workshops and Laboratories time to time and submit to the authority
02Library Development Committeea) Sri Bijoy Kr. Upadhyaya-Member
b) Sri Somdeep Chakraborty- Member
c) Sri Bosco Biswa Kumar Debbarma-
d) Smt. Jhunu Debbarma- Member Secretary
a) To supervise and follow up all Library Development related activities by utilizing Library Staff.
b) To guide & Supervise Head Librarian & Senior Librarian in preparing Quarterly Budget for Library.
c) To initiate proposals for Library Infrastructural Development & finalization of requirement of Books.
d) To assist Head Librarian & Senior Librarian in preparing List of Books, e-Journals, e- Books etc. to be purchased in coordination with H.O.D and Subject/Academic
e) To propose other Development related reforms of Library and good practices.
f) Inspection of books procured by the Library & its procurement committee before payment.
03Examination Committeea) Dr Kabir Chakraborty -
Officer in-charge
b) Sri Subhankar Debbarma, Assistant Officer in-charge
c) Sri Palash Das-Member
d) Juled Hossain-Member
a) To arrange all Mid Term/ End Term examination along with End Term University examination etc.
b) To do University Registration for New students.
c) To provide all academic certificates to the students.
d) To notify for deposition tuition & other fees and ensure the deposition of fees in time.
e) To take initiatives for filling up University examination forms as per university notification & schedule time to time.
f) To verify result data of students mentioned in their stipend form.
g) Conducting other examination as and when required and directed accordingly.
h) Collection of internal & sessional marks of semester exams. And submit the same to university.
i) To distribute & collect examination related confidential materials as per direction of the University time to time.
j) Other academic activities related as and when directed.
k) To prepare academic Calendar.
l) Maintenance of academic records.
04Training & Placement CommitteeTraining and Placement cell

Sri. Siddhardha Das--Coordinator
Smt. Jhuma Mitra--Member
Sri. Dipak Debbarma--Member
Sri. Mantosh Debnath--Member
Sri Brigedian Jamatia--Member
Sri. Sudip Das--Member

Employability Development
Sri. Bivash Chakraborty- Coordinator
Smt. Adwitiya Gope--Member
Dr. Debashish Bhowmik-Member

Start-up and Entrepreneurship committee
Sri. Arijit Banik-Coordinator
Sri. Harshin Kamal A-Member
To provide necessary assistance to the Training & Placement Officer (TPO) for creating job opportunities to the students.
05Sports Committeea) Sri Bibhash Roy-
b) Sri Abhijit Debroy-
c) Sri Sankar Nama-
d) Sri Pradip Kumar Roy-
e) Sri Manoj Jamatia- Member Secretary
a) To take initiative for procurement of sports items & to provide sports articles to the students.
b) To guide students for participate in inter college & University sports competition.
c) To formulate regular sports activities inside the Institute along with annual competition & events.
d) To encourage students for physical exercise & provide facility.
06Cultural Committeea) Sri Bivash Chakraborty- Member
b) Sri Arijit Banik-Member
c) Smt. Ananya Mukherjee -
d) Smt. Dharmistha Das-Member
e) Smt. Chandrani Chakraborty- Member
f) Smt. Soma Paul-Member
g) Sri Atrayee Deb- Member Secretary
a) To guide students for all types of cultural activities.
b) To guide students to participate in different competitions including Debate/Quiz.
c) To guide students in organizing cultural program in different occasion inside the Institute or outside if required.
07Students Welfare Committeea) Dr. Chhaya Das-Member
b) Smt. Soma Paul-Member
c) Sri Nijir Bandhu Malsom- Member
d) Dr. Sanjoy Mitra- Member Secretary
a) To identify the financially weak students and initiate proposal to Teachers’ Council for their support.
b) To identify the physically weak & ill students, and also Physically Challenged Students for providing support.
c) To identify academically weak students and support them to complete the course.
d) To organize counselling of students regarding mental and physical health.
e) To make regular supervision of Canteen and submit proposal time to time for better canteen facility.
f) To generate common room facility.
g) To organizing healthcare camp etc.
08Students Activities & Discipline CommitteeDr. Jayanta Chakraborty, Assistant Professor-Member Secretary
Sri Manoj Kumar Jamatia, Associate Professor-Member
Smt. JhumaMitra, Assistant Professor-Member
Sri Sanjay Mitra, Assistant Professor-Member
Sri Debraj Das, Assistant Professor-Member
Sri Jeetu Debbarma, Assistant Professor-Member
Sri Sushanta Das Baishnab, Assistant Professor-Member
Dr. Arjun Kumar De, Assistant Professor-Member
Sri Tapan Kumar Choudhuri- Sr. Instructor Member
Sri Apurba Kumar Das, Assistant Lecturer-Member
1. To maintain overall discipline inside the Institute.
2. To submit proposals regarding formulation of new rules & regulation time to time for better discipline.
3. To remain vigilant on day to day activities of the students.
4. To take suitable measures so that students attend the Institute with proper dress /uniform.
5. To guide students for organizing different activities inside & outside campus like - Annual Sports & Cultural Meet, Tech-fest, Puja and Teachers Day etc.
6. To guide students for other activities as and when directed.
09Committee for different Clubs & Forumsa) Smt. Adwitiya Gope-Member
b) Smt. Atrayee Deb-Member
c) Sri Biswajit Sarkar-Member
d) Gautam Pal-Member
e) Dr. Jayanta Chakraborty- Member Secretary
a) To guide and regulate the function of all the students’ Clubs and propose for framing uniform rule and regulation for regular activities of all clubs.
b) To take initiatives for the activities of Institutional Clubs /Forums constituted as per Government rules like Red ribbon Club, Science Forum etc. by involving students.
c) To guide our students for participating in the State Level Science Fair and other
Related activities as per requirements
10Anti ragging Committeea) Principal, Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsingarh.
b) Dr. Bijoy Kr. Upadhyaya, Associate Professor, TIT Narsigarh
c) Dr. Kaberi Majumder, Assistant Professor, TIT, Narsingarh
d) Shri. Bidyut Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor & HO TIT, Narsingarh
e) BDO, Bamutia Block./Representative
f) Office-in-charge, Airport Police section./ Representative
g) Secretary, Agartala Press Club./ Representative
h) Dr. Kanak Chowdhury, Doctor -- ATGDA
i) Shri. Bijan Bhattacharjee, Head Instructor, TIT Narsingarh
j) Smt. Shilpi Biswas, Stenographer, TIT, Narsingarh
k) Shri. Rupanjal Debbarma, Associate Professor, TIT, Narsingarh
l) Parent representative of a fresher student (Degree), TIT Narsingarh
m) Parent representative of a fresher student (Diploma), TIT Narsingarh
n) Fresher student representative of 1st Year Degree
o) Fresher student representative of 1st Year Diploma
To take necessary actions against all types of ragging in the Institute as per verdict of Honorable Supreme Court and AICTE/UGC guidelines
11Anti ragging Squada) Shri. Pankaj Kr. Das, Associate Prof.
b) Shri. Sadhan Sarkar, Associate Prof.
c) Shri. Shib Sekhar Das, Asst. Prof.
d) Shri. Apurba Kr. Das, Asst. Prof.
e) Shri. Tapan Kr. Choudhury, Sr. Inst.
f) Shri. Mihir Kanti Datta, PGT.
g) Shri. Krishnadhan Gan Choudhury, PGT
h) Smt. Chandrani Chakraborty, Inst.
i) Shri. Debraj Das, Asst. Prof.
j) Shri. Dipak Debbarma
k) Shri. Sanjoy Mitra, Asst. Prof.
l) Dr. Kabir Chakraborty, Asst. Prof.
m) Smt. Chinu Mog Chowdhury, Asst. Prof.
n) Shri. Jeetu Debbarma, Asst. Prof.
o) Smt. Ananya Mukherjee, Asst. Prof.
p) Shri. Sajal Debbarma, Asst. Prof.
q) Shri. Manoj Kumar Jamatia, Associate Prof.
r) Shri. Sabbir Kumar Jamatia, Asst. Prof.
s) Smt. Jhuma Mitra, Asst. Prof.
t) Shri. Sushanta Das Baishnab, Asst. Prof.
u) Smt. Namita Das, Asst. Prof.
v) Dr. Arjun Kumar De, Asst. Prof.
w) Shri. Shib Shankar Nath, Asst. Prof (NPIU)
x) Dr. Angshuman Chakraborty, Asst. Prof.
y) Shri. Bharat Sarkar, Asst. Prof.
z) Shri. Sukanta Das, Asst. Prof
To work as per verdict of Honorable Supreme Court and AICTE/UGC guidelines.
12I-I-I Committeea) Secretary, Higher
education and chairperson, BOG, TIT Narsingarh, GOVT. of Tripura- Chairman.
b) Principal TIT Narsingarh-Member Secretary.
c) Professor Dipak Ranjan Podder, JU, Kolkata- Member.
d) Director, Higher Education, GOVT. of Tripura-Member.
e) Col. A.K Nath (Retd) Executive Director CDAC Kolkata- Member.
f) Mr. Pravin L Agrawal Director Industry and Commerce, GOVT of Tripura-Member.
g) Mr. M.L Debnath, President Chamber of Commerce, Tripura- Member.
h) Ms. Rupa Das, Head, Tripura State Office, CII, Gurkhabasti,
i) Mr. Mukul Banerjee, GM (Plant, OTPC, Palatana)-Member.
j) Mr. SC Pandey, General Manager ONGC Tripura- Member.
k) General Manager NEEPCO, AGTP- Member
l) General Manager NBCC, RBG Office Agartala-Member.
m) Sri Raja Chakraborty, Associate Professor, TIT Narsingarh- Member.
n) Dr. Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya, Associate Professor, TIT Narsingarh-Member
p) Sri Bibhash Roy-
q) Sri Gautam Pal-joint
r) Sri Rupanjal Debbarma- Member
s) Tanmoy Majumder-Member
To take all necessary actions to enhance the
Industry-Institute relationship for students’ interests and also act as per guidelines of TEQIP- II project.
13Committee for AICTE, MHRD and University Activitiesa) Sri Arup Kr. Das Chaudhuri- Advisor
b) Dr. Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya- Advisor
c) Sri Pankaj Deb arma-
d) Smt. Chinu Mog Choudhury-Member
d) Sri Gourab Bhatacharjee-Deputy Mem er Secretary
e)Dr. Ankur Biswas-Member Secretary
a) Sri Arup Kr. Das Chaudhuri- Advisor
b) Dr. Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya- Advisor
c) Sri Pankaj Debbarma-
d) Smt. Chinu Mog Choudhury-Member
d) Sri Gourab Bhatacharjee-Deputy Member Secretary
e) Dr. Ankur Biswas-Member Secretary
14Working Committeea) Office bearers of
Teachers’ Council,
b) Students’ representatives,
c) All HODs,
d) Librarian(s) and
e) One representative of Alumni Association of the Institute.
a) To collect ideas & proposals for development of curricular and extra- curricular activities of the Institute.
b) To identify the problems of the students.
c) To prepare complete report after every meeting for further course of action.
d) To implement the steps for overall development of the Institute along with remedial measures on students’ problems
15IRG Committeea) All HODs of Academic Department- Member
b) Head of Office-
c) DDO- Member
d) Dr. Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya- Nodal Officer
a) To formulate uniform guidelines of regular activities for all departments as per Government orders, available norms and submit to the Authority for further action.
b) To fix rates of different works time to time where possible.
c) To take every responsibility to implement & run the new IRG policy
16NBA- Committeea) Dr. Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya-Coordinator for Institute
b) Sri. Gautam Pal-Joint coordinator for Institute.
c) Sri. Biswajit Datta--Joint coordinator for Institute.
d) Sri. Jibesh Datta- Coordinator for Civil Engg. Dept.
e) Sri. Bharat Sarkar-Jt. Coordinator for Civil Engg. Dept.
f) Sri. Sudip Bhowmik- Coordinator for Mechanical Engg. Dept.
g) Sri. Dipak Debbarma- Jt. Coordinator for Mechanical Engg. Dept.
h) Sri. Pankaj Debbarma- Coordinator for Computer Engg. Dept.
i) Smt. Sudeshna Das-Jt. Coordinator for Computer Engg. Dept.
j) Smt. Aditi Datta Coordinator for Electrical Engg. Dept.
k) Sri. Shivaji Debbarma-Jt. Coordinator for Electrical Engg. Dept.
l) Sri. Rajib Biswas-Jt. Coordinator for Electronics & Communication Engg. Dept.
m) Dr. Subhendu Banik- Coordinator for Science & Humanities Dept.
n) Smt. Namita Das-Jt. Coordinator for Science & Humanities Dept.

To take all necessary steps in filling up of the NBA application form and submit the same for NBA accreditation of different programs of the Institute, time to time, as per the direction of the Authority and also to maintain all documents & files to be prepared before NBA inspection committees for presentation during their visits.
17Program Assessment and Quality Improvement Committee (PAQIC)i) HOD as ex-officio-
ii) One faculty member (Level preferably Associate professor or above)- Convener
iii) All faculty members of the department-Members
iv) One representative of Workshop or Laboratory- Member
● PAQIC will ensure the quality of education and its assessment at department level as per OBE system complying with guidelines established by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and within the rules and regulation of the University.
● Approve the Lesson and Lecture plans of all courses before starting of the semester.
● Set Target for attainments of Course and Program outcomes.
● PAQIC will identify the curriculum gap in University syllabus and take appropriate measures to bridge the gap.
● Collect the Course Files of all individual subjects from the concerned faculty members just after publication of semester result by the University and analyze the same.
● Conduct data collection by receiving various feedbacks.
● Submit the assessment report to Principal with recommendation of improvements for approval.
● Identify different extracurricular activities for students.