Facilities of the Department

Sl. No

Name of the Laboratory

No. of students per set up (Batch Size)

Name of the Important equipments


Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory

6 Nos.

1.Closed loop speed control of 1 H.P. squirrel cage I.M.

2.Speed control of 1H.P. DC series motor using SCR based Jones Chopper

3.Speed control of 3 H.P. 3-phase Slip ring I.M. using SCR based Static

Kramer Drive

4.Trainer for VI characteristics of SCR , TRIAC, IGBT & MOSFET

5.Trainer for Gate firing circuits for SCRs

6.Trainer for Half & Fully controlled converter & 1phase AC voltage

 controller with R & RL load

7.Trainer for 3 phase Half & fully controlled Bridge converters

8.Speed control DC shunt motor using 1 phase SCR module

9.    50MHz colour Digital storage oscilloscope.(04 Nos)



Microprocessor  Laboratory

2 Nos.

1.INTEL 8085 Microprocessor Based Trainer Kit with LCD display Module(DYNA-85)-20 nos

2.8155 PPI based study card-5 nos

3.8255 PPI based study card-10 nos

4.8237/8257 based DMA study card-5 nos

5.8253 Timer/counter study Card-5 nos

6. 8 Channels A/D Converter Study card-5 nos

7.Single Channel D/A Converter Study card-3 nos

8.Stepper motor study Card-5 nos

   9.50MHz colour Digital storage oscilloscope.(01 Nos)


10.100MHz colour Digital storage oscilloscope.(01 Nos)



Basic Electrical & Circuit Laboratory

5 to 6 Nos.

1.    Study card for F-V & V-F Converter.(04 Nos)

2.    Study card for V-I & I-V converter .(04 Nos)

3.    Study card for Tellegen’sTheorem .(04 Nos)

4.    Bread Board Trainer & Function generator(08).

5.    Study card for R-L-C series & parallel circuit. .(04 Nos)

6.    Study card for Thevenin & Maximum Power transfer theorem(04)

7.    Study card for Reciprocity & Superposition

Theorem.(04 Nos)

8.    Study card for Norton Theorem.(04 Nos)

9.    Study card for Two port Network.(04 Nos)

10.  Training  Panel for AC power supply measurement(02)

11.  Electrical training System(05).

12.  30 MHz two channel Analog Oscillator.(04 Nos)

13.  3 MHz function generator with 15 MHz  (02 nos)

14.  Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer (02 Nos)


Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory

6 Nos.

1.Temperature measurement trainer

  2. Strain gauge trainer

3. LVDT Trainer

4. Wien bridge

5. Study of Fourier analysis

6. Maxwell’s L/C bridge

7. Schering bridge

8. Transducer Instrumentation and control teaching set

9. Industrial PLC application teaching set

  10.  Hay’s bridge

  11. Digital Multimeter  (03nos)

  11. 50MHz colour Digital storage oscilloscope.(01 Nos)


  12.100MHz colour Digital storage oscilloscope.(01 Nos)



Simulation  Laboratory

5 to 6 Nos.

1.ETAP Software

2. MATLAB Software

3. CASPOC Software


Control System Laboratory

5 to 6 Nos. per Batch

1.    PC based Analog & Digital Motor Control Trainer -(two Sets )

(along with Desk top Computers)

2.    Transducers

& Instrumentation Trainer

(two Sets)

3.    Torsional Apparatus along with all accessories like Inverted Pendulum, Masses & licensed Software (Mode-205a, MAKE-Educational Control Products (ecp), USA.


Process Control Laboratory

5 to 6 Nos. Per Batch

1.    Level Control Trainer along with Software.

2.    Flow control Trainer along with software.

3.    Temperature Control Trainer along with Software.

4.    Pressure Control Trainer along with Software.

5.    Multi Process Control Trainer

(for flow control, level control, Ratio Control and Cascade control) along with Software.

6.    Process Control Technology

(Model-PCT 100, Make- Bytronic Ltd / Bytronic Educational Technology, UK.)


Electrical Machines Laboratory

5 to 6 Nos.

1. DC Regulated power supply

2. DC Shunt Generator

3. DC Compound Generator

4. 3 phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

5. Single phase Transformer        (03 nos.)

6. 3 phase Alternator coupled with DC Shunt Motor (02 sets)

7. 3 phase Synchronous Motor


Power System Lab

5 to 6 Nos.

1.    Complete Setup of Three Phase Fault Analysis Study Trainer.

2.    Transformer Protection Testing Setup

3.    AC Motor Protection Relay Test Setup