Vision of the Department

To emerge as centre of excellence in the north-east region of the country in the field of Electronics and communication Engineering

Mission of the Department

M1. To produce innovative, entrepreneurial and ethically competent engineers by imparting quality technical education.

M2. To promote an environment of learning beyond class room through dissemination of cross curricular cutting edge knowledge of technologies in electronics and Communication.

M3. To initiate, continue and sustain research and development activities with innovative and useful ideas especially suited for the industrial growth of north-east region of the country

State the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO-1. Will excel in industry / higher education with adequate conceptual knowledge of mathematics, basic science, computing and engineering principles.

PEO-2. Will have the ability to come out with unique and promising technological solutions towards modern engineering and societal problem through a profound skill in engineering and technology.

PEO-3. Will be able to inculcate self-learning, professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, and team work throughout their carrier.

Contact Address

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Tripura Institute of Technology,

ECE Block, PO: Narayanpur Bazar, Narsingarh, Tripura (West) 799012.