The program Educational Objectives are as follows:

  • PEO1. Develop systematic professional approach in the applied fields of Civil Engineering and multi disciplinary areas emboldened with ethical responsibilities.
  • PEO2. Inculcate the value of team work to analyse, evaluate and create / design innovative solutions of the societal problems.
  • PEO3. Initiate and engage others in creation of entrepreneurship as a platform for employment-generation.
  • PEO4. Recognize the needs of community and indulge in lifelong learning.

CE Deptt PSOs

Civil Engineering Graduates of TIT will be able to :

  • PSO1. Proficiency in Civil Engineering: Function as design consultants or execution engineer in construction industry for the design and implementation of civil engineering structures.
  • PSO2.Usage of latest Technology: Provide sustainable solutions to the Civil Engineering Problems using most modern Technology.