Principal’s Message

Dear Viewer,

I am privileged to welcome and introduce yourself to the ‘Tripura Institute of Technology’ (erstwhile Polytechnic Institute, Narsingarh, Agartala) a premier Institute in the country established as early as in 1958. With decades long treasure hunt in the area of Science & Technology, this Institute sprouted its branches having been enriched in terms of capacity expansion, man-power development and quality improvement particularly with the World Bank Assistance under Tech. Ed-III project, implemented in the period from 2001-2007. Harnessing this opportunity of infrastructure development favoured with the social demand for further up-gradation, a historic decision has been hatched by the State Govt. to elevate the Institute to a degree level engineering college on 1st of June, 2007 with initial inclusion of four branches of degree engineering affiliated to the Central University, Tripura and approved by the AICTE, the details of courses along with the diploma presently being conducted at TIT Narsingarh are available on the Institute’s website.

The rising demand of students applying for entry to TIT as well as to meet the future requirement, the State Govt. has come up with a massive project proposal for further infrastructure development and the 1st Phase implementation work is near to completion. By the next years to come, Tripura Institute of Technology would take a complete re-oriented look in all its spheres as an institute of academic excellence and it would capitalise on its past glory and tradition. Already we have a very rich strength of experienced faculties and we are proud of our students for setting up an excellent track record or academic achievements in national level competitions in terms of placement and for setting a praise-worthy environment conducive to what a good institution requires for its real objective to cater.

Prof(Dr) Sekhar Datta