The Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Sl. No.DateName of Activity
117-07-2018 Commencement of Classes of ODD Semester
201-08-2018 Commencement of Classes of 1st Semester Degree & Diploma
303-10-2018 to 06-10-2018
Midterm Internal Examination of Odd Semester
415-10-2018 to 29-10-2018 Puja Vacation
528-11-2018 to 06-12-2018 Sessional Examination of Odd Semester
612-12-2018 to 29-12-2018 Final Examination of Odd Semester under Tripura University (Tentative)
708-01-2019Commencement of Even Semester classes
806-02-2019 to 11-02-2019Sports and Cultural Week including Saraswati Puja
926-03-2019 to 29-03-2019Midterm/Internal Examination of Even Semester
1010-04-2019 to 13-04-2019Tech Fest
1123-04-2019 to 30-04-2019Sessional Examination of Even Sem
1211-05-2019 to 25-05-2019 Summer Vacation (Tentative)
1311-05-2019 to 27-05-2019Final Exam of EVEN Semester under Tripura University. (Tentative)
1428-05-2019 to 30-06-2019Vacation cum Industrial Training for Students
1502-07-2019Commencement of New Academic Session 2018-19

N.B.: NCC periodical camps in this academic session, if any, would be scheduled as per the proposal of the concerned Officers/Departments. The aforesaid schedule may be changed on unavoidable circumstances.